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Hi, I’m Prakash Tim.

I’m a Software Engineer, Writer, and Entrepreneur.

On this site I share my learning and experiences that you can practice to achieve your career, business, and fitness goals.

Latest Articles

  • How boredom can bring in creativity in you
    Boredom and creativity are two different states of mind with one being perceived as an act of being lazy and the other one being able to create amazing things. But the fact is, they are not so different as we have thought and being bored leads you to be creative.
  • 7 Good habits I built after trying and losing weight
    Here I have listed some of the healthy habits I built during my weight loss process and got stuck on them. I had a hard time starting these new daily routines that I was not familiar with, but after repeatedly doing them for long enough, now they have become part of my life.
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